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Voices from the Heart Vol. 1
Local Recording Artists helping
San Diego's Foster Children





Patroness and Alumni Brunch
Saturday, April 25, 2015
10am - 12pm





A direct donation to Voices for Children


Our Mission

Makua raises funds,
provides volunteer services
and increases awareness
of the available support
for foster youth through
Voices for Children






















Friendship, Volunteers, Fundraising, Community


Makua is a women's volunteer group that has dedicated itself to helping San Diego's children in need since 1953.

Since 2004, Makua has raised more than 1 Million dollars, as the primary fundraising auxiliary for Voices for Children. Through one-on-one advocacy and by reviewing more than 5,500 court files in the system Voices for Children ensures the needs of San Diego's foster children are met in the courtroom, classroom and community.

We believe every child deserves a safe and permanent home, and we're sure you agree!


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